Here we go

Here I am blogging again.  I’ve had a couple past attempts at blogs, but they were either not focused enough or too specific and I decided I needed a new start after several months of not writing.  So hello– my name is Brie and I eat, hence the title of the blog (brie eats = brieats).  This blog will be about my attempts to be healthy in spite of a busy schedule and a world full of conflicting health messages.   In my early 20s I tried almost every diet out there, with varying success but ended up walking a fine line over the edge of some seriously disordered eating.   My obsessions led me to a Master’s Degree in nutrition, and though I am far from perfect I have calmed down and have learned to eat a more balanced diet (though at times, still with more sugar than I should be eating!)  I have sensitivities to gluten, dairy and eggs which can be challenging, but fortunately I enjoy cooking.    Exercise is something I’m struggling with– after years of over exercising, the pendulum has swung in the other direction and I can’t seem to find a consistent routine– I often end up overdoing it for a few weeks and then doing nothing at all.  I’m working on that now and trying not to obsess and enjoy life.  So welcome to my blog!

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